If you have never heard Soulfly, you may be stuck in the dark ages, but EMP has all of the
official Soulfly merchandise you need to celebrate this popular nu metal band. Blast one of
these glorious CDs or get a precise sound with a classic vinyl record. No matter how you
choose to enjoy this American thrash band, EMP has you covered.
Soulfly are celebrating their 20-year anniversary. Having formed in 1997, this heavy metal band
has influenced the nu metal genre in several ways. While the death metal often had political
agenda, each single was an instant success. In fact, the first six studio albums, released
between 1998 and 2014, all made their way onto the Billboard 200 in the US. While bandmates
may have come and gone, fans have always been treated to the vocals of Max Cavalera. This
was intentional and allowed the band to explore, evolving their sound over time. A variety of
influences and a stark change in sound makes it hard to classify this band in one genre of
What sets Soulfly apart from other Phoenix death metal bands was their political views or
changing band members. Soulfly are very talented and incorporate a wide range of traditional
music into modern metal. The band often use Brazilian influences, with Cavalera sporting a
guitar with a Brazilian flag design. Proud to have sold their souls to metal, Soulfly continues to
release creative albums like Archangel and don't show any signs of slowing down. Their
music is only getting better.
EMP is proud to highlight incredible thrash metal bands. Soulfly has an impressive discography
and a constantly evolving sound. Whether you are a fan of hardcore American metal or want to
see some of the earliest players in the nu metal scene, EMP is here to help!

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