Social Distortion

"Don't Drag Me Down" has become an attitude towards life and a musical statement regarding certain circumstances in California. Social Distortion have expressed it their way, and Mike Ness may very well have written his own musical monument with that song. But this is not the only song created by the Californian Punk Rock outfit on the album "White Light, White Heat, White Trash" that is worth listening. The band was launched in 1978 already, at that time they were still committed to Hardcore, slowly evolving on albums like their debut "Mommy's Little Monster", "Prison Bound" and "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell". In spite of their mainstream success, Social Distortion have always been the voice of the working class. With their unique guitar sound, the distinctive voice of Mike Ness, and equipped with catchy tracks, Social Distortion make good use of Rock, Punk, or Country elements - also proven on their albums "Sex, Love And Rock 'n' Roll", and "Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes". None of the albums sounds like the one before, but all albums by Social Distortion are kept together by some kind of invisible tie... Mike Ness does not just make this kind of music, he also lives it, with all ups and downs life offers. Social Distortion have a sure sense of style - and their merchandise is also plain, straight, and stylish! You'll find it in the EMP Shop, right next to the smashing albums created by Social Distortion.

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