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EMP is your ultimate destination for Slipknot merchandise, giving maggots just like you direct access to a range of Slipknot hoodies, t-shirts, jewellery, accessories and more - perfect for the next time you come face-to-mask with one of the most notorious mosh pit metal acts of all time! We've also got classic Slipknot albums and reissues available on CD and vinyl, as well as Psychosocial: The Story of Slipknot among other DVD and Blu-ray offerings from this nine-piece heavy metal powerhouse.

Originally hailing from the badlands of Iowa, USA, Slipknot as we know them today took years to come together, as key players from the state's metal scene collaborated and competed with one another through the early '90s. Shawn Crahan and bassist Paul Gray first decided to take the rock world by the throat and push the sonic boundaries in 1995, but it was the arrival of Corey Taylor on lead vocals in 1997 that truly marked the band's explosion into the big time. The intensity of Slipknot's performances and records has only increased as the years have gone by, as has the drama surrounding the band, from disagreements to lineup changes to the untimely death of Gray himself.

From their iconic, instantly recognisable masks and horror-themed outfits to their annual metal festival Knotfest, few acts have created the kind of legacy Slipknot have. They remain among the most successful metal bands of all time, both in terms of album sales and gig attendances - an audience of 90,000 witnessed the band tear the house down at Download in 2013.

Now's your chance to be a part of the Slipknot legacy and stake your claim in the history of these true metal gods, who are as vital today as they were when Slipknot (CD | 10th anniversary special edition CD) was first released.

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