Air guitars down, plectrums away, it’s time to set the world on fire with EMP’s slammin’ Slash merchandise. Build your Slash shrine and worship one of the most celebrated guitarists on our planet with our range of Slash CDs, posters, vinyl and bracelets. So, sweet child ‘o mine, put those chord-strumming fingers to good use, unleash a fast and furious rain of mouse clicks on us and stock up your basket with Slash goodies. Top hat and wild mane optional.

A true rock hero, Slash has been breaking out the greatest guitar riffs for almost 40 years. THE guitar legend and master of chords, licks and riffs, Slash‘s trademark Les Paul is as much a part of him as his hair or the explosive grimace he wears during an amp-melting solo. Slash’s rise to hero status started when he became the guitarist in the iconic Guns N' Roses. With the release of their debut album, Appetite For Destruction, Slash became a key part of the band’s success. His infamous riff and solo on “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” saw the single rocket to the top of the charts. Cementing his place in the rock hall of fame, he played himself into the hearts of fans with legendary guitar riffs and licks. So when he parted ways with Guns N' Roses, rather than ending a stellar career, it marked a new era in Slash’s musical journey.

Joining forces with some heavy hitting rock legends such as Iggy Pop, Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy Kilmister, Slash set to work on his solo album, the self-titled Slash (CD | CD & DVD special edition). Critically acclaimed, it paved the way for Slash’s next devastatingly brutal and eargasmic album, Apocalyptic Love (CD | vinyl). Riding high on the wave of his solo career, Slash treated fans to one final solo outing before rejoining his Guns N’ Roses bandmates for a reunion tour. World On Fire marked the pinnacle of Slash’s solo work and left fans eager for more. Still rocking sell out gigs and festivals around the world, Slash looks set to continue lighting up the stage with his electrifying riffs.

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