Dead animals need love too - especially the adorable bundles of bones in EMP’s crypt of Skelanimals clothing, accessories and plush toys. They might be just bones, but these cute little pets need a warm home where they can cuddle up to someone special. These lovable little scamps also appear all over our Skelanimals clothing, and EMP’s lined up some t-shirts, dresses and trousers featuring playful all-over prints and enchanting standout stars like ChungKee the skeleton panda. With Skelanimals blankets, pillows and bedlinen you can surround yourself with these loveable creatures at home too! So snuggle up, choose your favourite Skelanimal and fill our shopping basket with plenty of cuddly skeletons to adore.

Disney fans might think Skelanimals look ever so slightly familiar. Coming direct from the pen of the well-known Disney animator Mitchell Bernal who worked on films such as Beauty and the Beast. The Lion King.

and other blockbuster animation projects. Not only do these tiny little animal skeletons each have their own story - they have a favourite horror film too! Rather than being the stuff of nightmares themselves, Bernal has added just enough cuteness to make you want to cuddle up to these quirky animals, rather than run screaming from their ghoulish bones. But the Skelanimals are fussy, they don't want just any home they're offered - they want to live with you! Just be careful: don't get frightened because then, they'll get frightened, too…

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