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Six Feet Under are more than six feet deep, and far from impending death - on the contrary, Six Feet Under are more agile than ever before. It seems that Chris Barnes has underwent some kind of rejuvenation with the albums "Maximum Violence", "Warpath" and "Commandment", and so, he's the driving force that keeps Six Feet Under forging ahead. And the band from Florida doesn't seem to suffer from a lack of inspiration, as proven by their newer outputs "Death Rituals", "Undead", and "Unborn". Six Feet Under even enjoy releasing the occasional cover album: with "Graveyard Classics 1" and "Graveyard Classics 2", the band delivers a brutal walk through Rock history - and indulges in AC/DC songs! Well, why not - Six Feet Under amuse and entertain themselves and us with such releases, too. But the Death Metal world owes them deep respect for the album "Bringer Of Blood" which was released in between the two cover albums: Chris Barnes and his fellow grave diggers present us with a celebration of top-quality, lethal, intense Death Metal. They've come a long way from being a former side project of Barnes at his Cannibal Corpse times to this.
Of course, Six Feet Under play an important role in the EMP Shop - besides their killer releases, we also have shirts for male and female fans on stock!

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