Sick Of It All

How about some Hardcore? Okay, take this: Sick Of It All! Since 1985, this band has been leading the Hardcore movement, and the boys are not tired at all yet. The combo from Queens is still a much-demanded headliner on all important genre festivals. The Koller brothers seem to have found the fountain of youth - they are mostly in the centre of attention. With albums like "Just Look Around" and the timeless gem "Scratch The Surface", they prove that they just do their own thing, still convincing their audience and fans until today. The recipe may very well be the most simple one ever: Sick Of It All have stayed true to themselves and their music, allowing no compromises, and no repetitions. Even their newer albums such as "Death To Tyrants" or "Based On A True Story" always feature some original elements - but they still stick to the principle and idea of Hardcore nevertheless. "Built To Last" and "Call To Arms" are absolute must-haves in any given well-sorted record collection. And yes, Sick Of It All are still fun - even after all those years! As an inspiration for so many bands, these blokes could have rested on their laurels for some time already. But Sick Of It All carry on - good for us!

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