Arise die-hard thrash metal fans! EMP has all the Sepultura merchandise your riff-loving hearts could desire. From Sepultura t-shirts and sew-on patches to hoodies and the latest releases from the band, EMP is on hand to keep all you head-banging Sepultura fans moshing in style at their next gig. Want to reminisce and hear Sepultura’s electrifying back catalogue? No worries there either - we’ve got you covered with Sepultura albums on CD and vinyl.

Groovy thrash metal, made in Brazil – that’s Sepultura in a nutshell. These Brazilian thrashers have romped on stages across the world since 1984. Playing live, the boys are brutal steamrollers who will wreck any stage, any time, anywhere with their raw Brazilian talent mashed together with a signature tribal sound, slammin’ guitar chords and drumming that just won’t quit. If you've ever been at a Sepultura gig you know that it's a sprawling sea of head-banging, enthusiastic maniacs and a feral moshpit that’s out for blood.

In the studio, Sepultura crafted legendary albums like Arise and Roots that became absolute must-haves for any serious thrash metal maniac. The success didn't stop after the departure of the Cavalera brothers either, with albums such as A-lex (CD | deluxe edition CD) and Kairos (CD | limited edition CD & DVD digipak) using the good old Sepultura recipe: groovy and brutal. If your thrash metal collection could use some Brazilian fire, dive straight into EMP’s haul of Sepultura gear. We’ve got the latest Sepultura release, Machine Messiah (CD | CD & DVD digibook | vinyl) and more than enough Sepultura merch to impress the most ardent metalheads.

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