Talking about medieval music means talking about Schandmaul, too. On the one hand, the Germans have been roaming the stages since 1998, being pioneers of the genre, and on the other hand, Schandmaul are well-known and popular way beyond the German border. The career of Schandmaul and their singer Thomas Lindner started slowly, but picked up in the following years. Since their third album "Narrenkönig", they have been known in their scene, and ever since then, Schandmaul have delivered a top show. Particularly the live DVD "Sinnfonie" which was recorded on the occasion of their 10th band anniversary underlines their performance skills impressively. 7000 fans celebrate Schandmaul frenetically, and the band played a potpourri of old and new songs. The combination of new and classical instruments such as shawm and bagpipes was a smash hit - and Schandmaul were even nominated for an Echo Award, a kind of accolade in their career so far. But Schandmaul constantly evolve and will certainly manage to create some impressive music in the years to come, too.

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