Saltatio Mortis

Saltatio Mortis started around the turn of the millennium and have committed themselves fully to medieval times. After their first album "Tavernakel", Saltatio Mortis gained considerable popularity in 2002 with their second album "Das Zweite Gesicht", a popularity which went far beyond the medieval scene. The band won over the hearts of all music fans with their unique style of Rock. But Saltatio Mortis couldn't and wouldn't forget their roots, and releasing "Heptessenz", they referred to the Middle Ages once again. Critical lyrics have always been a vital part of the Salatio Mortis work - just check outputs such as "Des Königs Henker" or "Aus der Asche". But Saltatio Mortis try to convey as much of the medieval spirit and look as possible, too: their outfits are mostly manufactured by themselves, with a lot of love for details, and they perfectly enhance the image of Saltatio Mortis. Old insturments such as harp, mandola, shawm, and bagpipes belong to the standard sound equipment of Saltatio Mortis. On their album "Zirkus Zeitgeist", though, Salatatio Mortis show themselves from a very different side - at least, visually. Let the show begin for the circus artists Saltatio Mortis! The album is an absolute masterpiece, combining medieval instruments with some rough Rock parts - the result is just great! Saltatio Mortis present themselves as modern as never before, holding the mirror up to the zeitgeist spirit. In the EMP Saltatio Mortis Online Shop, you will find a lot of Saltatio Mortis albums, but also merchandise and other rarities.

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