At ease Sabaton soldiers! EMP's drafted in the heavy artillery with a war chest chock-full of Sabaton merchandise. We've got everything any Sabaton warrior could wish for - including Sabaton t-shirts, hoodies and even Sabaton swimming shorts, dog tags and a Sabaton Coat of Arms patch - perfect to stitch onto your fatigues. So go to war on your shopping basket - fire as much Sabaton merchandise as you can at it! We're helping you lead the fight against lame music in style; it's a battlefield out there, metal fans.

Committed to the niche of power metal since their early days in 1999, Sabaton have become one of the genre's most powerful live bands. Developing their niche further, Sabaton's lyrics mainly deal with war in all its forms; be it Vietnam or the Battle of Hastings. Though war is Sabaton's core theme, you won't find them glorifying it - their lyrics tend to promote peace.

With the releases of The Art of War (CD | vinyl ) and Coat of Arms, Sabaton matured musically. Keyboard sections were indelibly integrated into the band's sound, and are still a vital element of the songs today. Before the release of Carolus Rex (CD | vinyl | 2-CD deluxe edition) in 2012, several of Sabaton's band members announced they were leaving the band to form Civil War. But Joakim Brodén and Pär Sundström remained, recruiting Chris Rörland, Tommy Johansson and Hannes van Dahl to the cause, and in 2016 The Last Stand (CD | vinyl | EMP-exclusive red vinyl | CD & DVD) was released. Still touring, writing and performing, such is the band's popularity that they even have their own festival - if you're in Sweden and looking for the ultimate fan experience, Sabaton Open Air is the place to be - just make sure you grab some of our Sabaton merchandise to wear first!

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