Progressive Doom Metal made in Iceland: Solstafir. Even if you hear from the band for the first time, you can be sure that the boys know their stuff - after all, Iceland is Doom paradise. But is it true for Solstafir, too? Yup, it is! The boys deliver such an awesome and complex chunk of music - that kind of sound inevitably has to come from Iceland. Almost every song features a nice overlength that will take you to a dark sound universe. The good thing about it is: you won't want to leave this weird universe.

Solstafir's songs are so complex and cranky, you could listen to each of them countless times and would still discover new details. A perfect example of it is the "Masterpiece of Bitterness" album - a true Doom gem. You like to be taken to a universe far away? Check out our EMP Solstafir Online Shop! We have various Solstafir releases ready for you. And now, off to the Solstafir universe - enjoy the trip!

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