Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is some kind of a creative jack of all trades: musician, film producer, screen writer, etc. etc.. Rob Zombie needs all these construction areas in order to live out his imaginative power. 1985 until 1998, he acted out his penchant for Noise Rock in the most extreme way with the White Zombies - with remarkable success. After the White Zombie breakup, Rob Zombie put the pedal to the metal! "Hellbilly Deluxe" got triple platinum in the USA - this even surprised Rob Zombie who was already used to success at that time. "The Sinister Urge" was also more than successful - and then Zombie started to commit himself more to films. The fans had to wait long five years before Rob Zombie released his next orchestration of horror elements converted to Metal sound, "Educated Horses", in 2006. This one put him straight back to the scene in the music world, including Grammy nominations. But he hadn't been lazy in the meantime - he had made a name for himself as a film producer. He has released less musical work since, but his creative output has remained on a constant level. It seems like Rob Zombie never sleeps - as a fan of the man, you can always look forward to new stuff created by him. And as a Rob Zombie fan, you can also look forward to visiting our EMP Shop: Besides the musical works, you'll also find Rob Zombie films and merchandise. So, all fans will get their personal favourites for sure!

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