Rise Of The Northstar

Hefty New York Hardcore of the 1990s and a hefty chunk of Thrash Metal: the blokes from Rise Of The Northstar are a rough and tough combo indeed. Rise Of The Northstar are especially overwhelming when performing live on stage: the Frenchmen play, and the air is full of stage divers - New York Hardcore at its best. During the calmer parts, the boys like to deliver some raps here and there, though.

If you listen to Rise Of The Northstar for the first time, you'll notice very soon that the band is totally into Japanese culture. Their lyrics, for example, are inspired by Shonen Mangas. With their debut album "Welcame", the boys have proven that they know how to party - and we want more! In our Rise Of The Northstar EMP Online Shop you'll find shirts and CDs of the boys. Furyo Style!
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