Queens Of The Stone Age

Queens Of The Stone Age were launched by Josh Homme to serve as creative outlet for the redhead's musical ingenuity. Since their first days in 1996, Queens Of The Stone Age have always had a knack for sophisticated Stoner Rock songs and musical collaborations other bands could just dream of. "Rated R" was the band's first phenomenal sign of life. "Songs For The Deaf", though, was the reason for the international success of Queens Of The Stone Age. The combo stepped out of the shadow cast by Kyuss, and delivered songs which were not only appreciated by the Stoner Rock community. With Dave Grohl behind the drum kit, their style became a bit more mainstream - a direction which was only noticeable when you checked the sales figures, though. Queens Of The Stone Age have not adapted to their fans, the fans have adapted to the band. Nevertheless, the albums "Lullabies To Paralyze" and "Era Vulgaris" made Queens Of The Stone Age famous, with sold-out venues everywhere. But "...Like Clockwork" marks the return to the ever-present Stoner elements: the songs come across chunkier, drier, and at the same time darker - although they're still catchy. No doubt - Queens Of The Stone Age are a phenomenon! In the EMP web shop, Josh Homme and his men from Queens Of The Stone Age have played an important role right from the start. We have their albums, and also special bundles with band t-shirts ready for you, both a perfect demonstration of the band's creative output.

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