They’re one of the biggest rock bands the world has ever seen, and our range of Queen merchandise will have even the most dedicated superfan singing “I Want It All”. From critically-acclaimed Queen albums on CD and vinyl to branded t-shirts, posters and mugs, “We Will Rock You” with the selection of Queen merch we’ve got here at EMP.

“The Show Must Go On” for the fan that has it all in terms of Queen CDs and DVDs, so why not expand your collection with this special edition Queen crest notebook? Or perhaps the Queen logo bathrobe – which is perfect for dancing around the house singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” (or maybe “Flash”?) and offers supreme post-bath comfort for Queen fans.

Queen definitely need no intro – they’re rock legends in every respect and are in just about every respectable music Hall of Fame. The band emerged from the ashes of a little-known blues rock outfit containing Brian May and Roger Taylor called Smile, which became Queen when Farrokh Balsara joined the band in 1970. In ’71 John Deacon was added to the line-up as drummer, and when Farrokh “Freddie” Balsara officially became known as Freddie Mercury, Queen’s star began to ascend.

From then on, the foursome rocked the world with hit after hit and even though it’s over 40 years since the group’s debut album, Queen (available from EMP on limited-edition vinyl) was released, Queen’s music, and incredibly loyal fanbase, lives on. You can find out more about this legendary outfit’s history by grabbing the Queen: Days of Our Lives Blu-ray, featuring bonus material not included in the original documentary!

They’ve had a career that spans eighteen number one singles, the same amount of number one albums, ten number one DVDs and a total of over 200 million records sold worldwide. Today, May and Taylor still perform under the band’s name (Mercury passed away in 1991) with a rotating cast of guest bandmates – but the original foursome of Mercury, Deacon, Taylor and May is the one that will live on in fans’ hearts forever.

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