Lovers of Pagan Metal surely cannot miss Primordial. The group is considered to be one of the co-founders of Celtic Metal for a reason. Their unmistakable, pitch-black sound is a feast for all fans of dark Metal. The guitars in particular, but also the vocals and the sinister atmosphere in general are simply unique. Charismatic front man Alan Averill makes sure of that - what a grand voice!

Albums like "Imrama", "Storm Before Calm" and "The Gathering Wilderness" definitely belong into every collection of dark music. Likewise, the band is a true force on stage. Primordial always manage to spread icy cold when they play live, which is not granted any more these days. With the album "Where Greater Men Have Fallen", they have proved once more that they are rightful owners of their status as forerunners. It's an incredible record. At our Primordial EMP Online Shop, you find Primordial CDs and shirts.

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