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Formed by the Greywolf boys in 2003, Powerwolf are a power metal band exploring some dark, dark material. Werewolves, evil spirits, vampires and brooding religious themes dominate their lyrics. It all began with their debut, Return In Bloodred (vinyl | coloured vinyl), in 2005, which featured hot melodies, frenetic riffs and haunting songs that sung of legends and lore, setting the tone for Powerwolf’s future endeavours. Their follow-up, Lupus Dei (vinyl| coloured vinyl) showed off the boys’ Latin and religious knowledge, while Blood of the Saints led Powerwolf on-to power metal's biggest stages.

With their unmistakable appearance and impressive music, they also won critical acclaim and comparisons with another striking horror metal performer, King Diamond. With holy water, incense and insane guitarists dancing like dervishes on stage, Powerwolf’s act crosses over and appeals to fans of other musical styles. With Preachers of the Night, Powerwolf strengthened their image and further expanded their fan base. Of course, expectations were damn high after this album, but Blessed & Possessed (CD | vinyl | 2-CD limited edition mediabook | 2-CD tour edition with bonus DVD) topped it. The album is just as much a feast of melodies and uncompromising metal as any of the band’s earlier work.

Putting on captivating live shows, selling out tour venues across the world and featuring as headline acts, at some of Europe’s biggest metal festivals, Powerwolf are one of the most exciting live bands on earth. Until they announce their next frenetic tour schedule, check out some of their epic 2015 summer shows with the Metal Mass Live DVD or Blu-ray.

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