Poizen Industries clothing leads the way in alternative designs which channel punk and Gothic influences. Poizen Industries offer romantic and extravagant coats, gorgeous black laced tops and a variety of awesome accessories featuring Gothic staples such as laces, buckles and skeletal imagery; combine these and more items to create an elegant, authentically Gothic look that’s unmistakeably Poizen Industries.

Take the Poizen Industries Alice coat, a classy, black, romantic piece offering from Poizen. Elaborate styling and details including lacings, bows, gatherings and heart-shaped pockets turn this soft fleece coat into a statement piece with characteristic finesse. The Minx fake fur fleece coat is just as classy, with heart motifs and black lace-up back giving the coat an elegant, Gothic edge.

Poizen Industries dresses are simple, stark and sure to turn heads when worn to a formal occasion. The detachable corset on the soul dress ensures you can always customise your look, while the stunning autumn dress’ rips, buckled straps and lace-up back add a punk rock element to the classic ‘little black dress’.

Poizen Industries continues to channel punk and gothic influences with its range of accessories. Want an accessory that shows you’re not to be messed with? Then take a look at Poizen’s knuckleduster Jade handbag - proof if proof be needed that this is an alternative clothing brand with attitude.

If you’re looking to cultivate a look that’s stylish yet mysterious and uniquely Gothic, then Poizen Industries clothing is for you.

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