EMP’s range of PlayStation merchandise lets you pledge your allegiance to the gaming gods whenever, wherever, forever. Eat, sleep and wear PlayStation with our PlayStation t-shirts and PlayStation mugs, or appease the console deities and level-up your traitorous smartphone with a PlayStation iPhone cover. Extra lives and weapon upgrades sold separately.

Live in your world, play in ours: PlayStation isn't just a console, it's a life-long commitment to gloriously rendered graphics and countless roleplaying, shoot-em up, beat-em up and driving adventures. Have you ever spent nights, weeks or months in a row playing the greatest games ever on your PlayStation? Do you see Δ О Х and □ where you should be seeing numbers and letters? Ever had bleeding thumbs and driven yourself slightly insane thanks to a 24-hour plus gaming sesh? Welcome to the club! Since 1994, millions of gamers have cherished this console and its four incarnations to date. Whether they’ve scared themselves senseless with Resident Evil, gunned down bad guys on Call of Duty or enjoyed time-bending action in Assassin’s Creed, everybody has a fond PlayStation memory.

To fully worship at the altar of the greatest console of all time, bag yourself some PlayStation merch from EMP - maybe even start building your own shrine? You could sip from a PlayStation console mug or buckle up for your next epic battle with a PlayStation belt. How about a PlayStation notepad to keep those cheat codes in? Greatness awaits the gamer who shops at EMP. Long live play!

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