Placebo saw the light of day in 1994 - after the wilting days of Grunge, this band was the beginning of a new era: Placebo started the Alternative Rock genre,. And the Brits have given it a new face again and again in all the years since then. The first works created by Placebo are a bit rougher and chunkier, and still have an unsatisfied edge which was always enhanced by the band. With the album "Black Market Music", Placebo stroke some darker sounds - that style suited the band well, too. But Placebo still weren't at the end of their musical journey. "Sleeping With Ghosts" was meant to be a sound homage to Sonic Youth - the output mainly dealt with the topic of relationships. "Meds" seemed more electronic, and "Battle For The Sun" was more of a Rock release again. As you can see, anything is possible with Placebo. The only constant factor is the quality of the band and front man Brian Molko. So, "Loud Like Love" is a true Alternative Rock manifesto, proving once again that this band is so versatile that hardly any other combo can surpass them. Placebo are distinctively unique and always elating - what a great band!

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