Paramore had to cope with a lot of flak so far. People said they were not serious, they wouldn't make it past the first five years, and so on... But Paramore stuck it out, being on the scene since 2004 now. Sure, they have the advantage of having Hayley Williams, a very attractive front lady, at the mike. But the band could also prove their knack for great song material with the albums "All We Know Is Falling" and the smasher "Roit!" For the sound track of the cinema hit "Twilight", the combo contributred a song, "Decode", that was considered an international top track and won them a lot of new fans from all over the world. But Paramore have seen tough times, too: after the release of the killer album "Brand New Eyes", the Forro brothers, Josh und Zac, quit the band. They were written off, but they've come back successfully with the album "Paramore". The band has grown up, and the new, seasoned image suits Paramore well. So, Paramore is definitely a band that will be around for a couple of more years to come.

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