EMP has thrashed out some roof-raising riffs to lure the best Papa Roach merchandise to our doors. Beckoned in by the furious siren sound of our shredding, these epic Papa Roach t-shirts and hoodies are ready to fulfil their destiny and cover your mosh-battered bones. Joined by a back catalogue of Papa Roach CDs and vinyl, this merch collection is anything but a last resort for a die-hard fan. Not content to leave it there, EMP’s turned the amp to eleven and summoned up this exclusive women's classic Papa Roach logo t-shirt – unavailable anywhere else in Europe. Constantly searching out the best new Papa Roach music and merchandise, EMP is on hand to keep you rocking with the latest nu metal treats!

California, 1993. The state that’s famed for its sunshine and joy gives birth to nu metal’s angriest band. Albums are spawned, venom-filled lyrics are written and the Papa Roach boys embark on a controversy-filled path to fame. Seven years of gigging, grafting and promoting their metal socks off, and their individual style and mix of rock, metal and rap, saw them labelled as the pioneers of nu metal. Their standout album, Infest (available from EMP on CD and vinyl) marked the pinnacle of their career. A classic that found its way onto the shelves of die-hard metal fan’s shelves and allowed Papa Roach to get some global airplay. Not just an angst-ridden tomb of vitriol, it was a record-breaking hit that influenced a whole generation. Cult songs such as “Last Resort” and “Between Angels and Insects” are true anthems that broke out from the nu metal genre into the mainstream and are still on rock radio playlists years later. Despite their older hits raking in the royalties, the band have not slacked off. Papa Roach have evolved their music and lyrics, with albums like Getting Away with Murder and The Connection showing off a style that’s constantly evolving.

Above all, Papa Roach just know how to write brutal songs that hit hard and keep everyone rocking. But the Cali-boys don't just have a ballsy attitude on their records; they also deliver the goods live. With excellent stage shows and fantastic songs, their back catalogue of hits is effortlessly mixed with their newer work.

Their eighth album F.E.A.R. (CD | CD deluxe edition), saw Papa Roach take a nostalgic, yet subtle, return to their ‘90s beginnings. Working with trailblazing producers - who grew up listening to Papa Roach, the group have once again captured that pioneering nu metal vibe that made them a hit. Nicholas ‘RAS’ Furlong and Colin Brittain inspired them to take a gamble and look into the past, while still remaining relevant. The result? Crooked Teeth (CD | 2-CD deluxe edition with bonus DVD | 2-CD deluxe boxset with bonus DVD) - an album brimming with hefty guitar riffs and catchy vocals by Jacoby. This latest studio album puts Papa Roach right where they should be - at the top of their game and showing the world they are still pioneers of nu metal music.

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