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In some cases, you recognise the impact of a band in hindsight, long after the last chord's been strummed. This definitely applies to Pantera, who left a huge black hole in the music universe when they split. Phil Anselmo and Dimebag Darrell had problems with each other that they couldn't resolve. So what's left? Albums such as Far Beyond Driven (CD | vinyl) or Vulgar Display of Power (CD), still used as a reference by musicians today. But the best-known album by Pantera is probably Cowboys from Hell (CD | 2CD anniversary edition | 3CD deluxe edition), originally released in 1990 and rereleased for the band's 20th anniversary. The boys always delivered their best, from their early power metal days until the era of groovy thrash metal copied by many and quoted as an influence by many more, even after Dimebag Darrell's tragic death, which shocked musicians and fans around the world. The bands started by the surviving members were never able to live up to the success, clout, and aura Pantera had in their heyday; the bar had been set too high.

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