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British singer Ozzy Osbourne is a legend of the global music scene. “Hey, Mr. Crowley”, “Crazy Train” and “Goodbye To Romance” are stand out hits from his successful solo career. The black-haired, self-titled Prince of Darkness is an icon of the heavy metal scene who spawned a whole new generation of musicians with his band, Black Sabbath.

But he didn’t have an easy start. Born in 1948, a struggle with dyslexia saw Ozzy leave school at 15. After a short stint at a slaughterhouse, he found a new career: burglary. But doing time made him re-evaluate his future. Deciding to follow his love for music, he teamed up with his best mate to form a band and Ozzy was soon gigging in local bars and pubs. It wasn’t until The Wizard of Ozz hit on the horror theme for the band that real success came. Evil and demonic band identity sorted, Black Sabbath was born and the hit records started to top the charts. Several cult albums followed, but Ozzy knew no limits and heavily exaggerated his satanic heavy metal image. In addition to the crazy antics, his excessive drug use got him thrown out of the band in 1979.

It was Sharon Arden, the future Mrs Osbourne and daughter of the Black Sabbath manager, who rescued Ozzy at his lowest point. In a bid to clear old debts, she managed to get Ozzy back on his feet and landed him an appointment with the LA record label CBS. He impressed with his disturbing, yet fascinating, hard rocker image, and landed the deal. His debut album, Blizzard of Ozz, became a success, and Ozzy was riding high once more.

Numerous Ozzy Osbourne albums followed, including The Ultimate Sin, Ozzmosis and Under Cover - a prolific output of uniquely Ozzy tracks that cemented his place in heavy metal history. Following a Black Sabbath reunion which sparked a hugely successful tour and the re-released of some of their hit albums, the legendary Ozzfest event was launched in 1996. Now an annual event, it attracts big name acts to the festival. Slipknot, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson and Papa Roach are just some of the many legends to have played the festival, along with the headline act, Ozzy Osbourne. Though battling with ill health, and another struggle with addiction, Ozzy still managed to pen another two solo albums, Black Rain and Scream.

With no new solo material since 2010, Ozzy joined Black Sabbath once more to perform a triumphant, and bittersweet, final concert in February 2017. They ended their stage careers where it all began, in Birmingham. Rumoured to be working on a new album back in 2015, EMP’s got its ear to the ground waiting to hear news of another Ozzy-penned hit album hitting the shelves.

You won’t find any decapitated doves or bats at EMP, but you can celebrate the Prince of F***ing Darkness’s career with our range of Ozzy Osbourne merch.

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