Fucking Thrash-Metal from New York: OVERKILL. The boys have been on stage since 1980, crushing everything in good old Thrash style - a real feast for all old school Metal fans. With their first album "Feel the Fire", they delivered a real smasher - a killer album that hits you like a wrecking ball. Fast drums, freaky riffs, and the voice of Blitz make for a highly explosive mixture - especially live on stage.

So, it's no wonder the Thrash heroes still kick the asses of those modern wannabe Metal acts. You still feel the balls in every song created by Overkill - a real kick in the privates. With "Ironbound", they have proven once again that they still stick to their 1980s values in the 21st century - no new-fashioned shit, but original and real, handmade music. If you dig the musical inferno unleashed by Overkill, check out our Overkill EMP Online Shop. We have Overkill shirts, hoodies, and albums ready for you.

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