Our brain-bending shopping basket is bulging with enough Opeth merchandise to melt your metal-hungry ears off. We’re bringing you the very best in mindf**k music, from one of Stockholm’s greatest exports - on top of some mind-mangling Opeth vinyl albums and CDs, we’ve got Opeth t-shirts to decorate your mosh-broken torsos with. Deliver yourselves from damnation and get those string-slamming fingers clicking on our Opeth merch, before we have to bid you farewell.

Just as you’re starting to think you know where an Opeth track is heading, they hit you with some prog rock, jazz, blues or even some classical chords. These death metal music maestros aren’t messing around - their melodies make your heart beat faster, no matter what offbeat music genre they’ve deftly woven into their tracks. Michael Åkerfeldt, the lead singer and songwriter, steals the show; from the deepest death growls to grandiose clean notes, there are no Cookie Monster vocals here.

From absolute masterpiece albums like Deliverance and Still Life (CD | vinyl | re-released vinyl) to Heritage, Opeth always send you on a musical journey that leaves you breathless. Their latest electrifying album, Sorceress (CD | 2-CD limited edition | vinyl) sees the band riding high on their musical wave of metal madness. Open your heart to Opeth’s mishmash of musicality - you’re in for a rollercoaster ride of Swedish songs you’ll never forget.

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