Of Mice & Men

When singer Austin Carlile left the band Attak!Attack!, it was a hefty shock for the fans, of course. But without this departure, we probably would have never heard something of Of Mice & Men. Let's be honest: that would have been quite sad, wouldn't it? With their self-titled debut album, the boys proved already they're able to deliver a perfect mix of "in your face" riffs and melodic parts. One moment, the music created by the Californians hits you right between the eyes, and in the next one, you're caught by an anthem-like chorus. But Of Mice & Men haven't rested on their laurels from their first album - just one year later, they presented us with their second album "The Flood". And once again, the boys delivered perfectly arranged songs and an incredibly great stage performance.

After three years of writing, the combo finally released the album "Restoring Force". Songs such as "Feels Like Forever", "Glass Hearts", or "Break Free" are absolute highlights on this output. 2015, they released another album: "Restoring Force: Full Circle". In case you believed a band can't deliver quality stuff due to the short time between two releases: you're totally wrong. Of Mice & Men simply prove that they're able to surpass themselves each time, creating one great album after the other. Of course, we appreciate such feats - in our EMP Of Mice & Men Online Shop. We have Of Mice & Men shirts, CDs, tanks, and caps ready for you. See you in front of the stage.

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