Florida - that state was a red hotbed for the first days of Death Metal! Legends like Obituary have left their mark on the Florida Death Metal scene like only a few other combos. They belong to the most important bands of Florida Death Metal, and they've been around since the first hours of the Death Metal genre. And right from the start, you could distinguish them from other bands: at first, front man John Tardy didn't have any lyrics at all and growled in to the microphone just down to his whim - that always made for some variety. The boys from Brandon focus more on tight songs and atmosphere than on speed which is pretty unusual. Obituary manage to create incredibly weird sound universes - you'll be captured for quite some time. The Americans have risen the bar higher with each of their releases and have become more brutal and more complex with every output. Each album is a feast for any given Death Metal fanatic. Albums like "Cause Of Death", "Back from the Dead", or "Darkest Day" are must-haves for every genre lover.

But enough of the records: Obituary are incredibly intense on stage, too. When the boys are playing a concert, they simply crush and destroy everything - that's as good as it gets! If you dig original Death Metal, you should definitely check out our EMP Obituary Online Shop. We have various Obituary CDs ready for. Keep it brutal!

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