Indie punk all-stars NOFX have taken EMP by storm. We’ve got all the hot NOFX merchandise that a fan could want, including a huge range of their best-selling CDs, their behind-the scenes documentaries Backstage Passport and Backstage Passport 2 and albums on vinyl. If stocking your music library with NOFX albums isn’t enough, grab one of our awesome NOFX t-shirts from our shop to wear your fandom with pride. We’ve got styles for both men and women that look as cool as the band members are themselves. Our tie-dye NOFX ladies tee features an in-your-face middle finger while the men’s style is printed with a larger-than-life skull and swords. Rock a NOFX tee and crank up the volume the next time you listen to this iconic American punk band.

Based in LA, NOFX are the quintessential skate punk band. Their four members have been rocking out since the early ‘80s and they show no sign of slowing down any time soon. Really taking off in the ‘90s, NOFX shared great success along with other punk bands of that time, like Green Day and The Offspring, but unlike their contemporaries, they’ve never signed a record deal with a major label. With more than 8 million records sold worldwide, that makes NOFX easily one of the most successful independent bands of all time. NOFX now have 13 albums under their belt and fans are still going crazy for their sound more than twenty years after the band first got together.

Any hardcore punk fan has a deep respect for this iconic band, who’ve influenced the ska-punk and skate punk movements and inspired today’s hottest newcomers to the scene. No punk fan’s collection is complete without getting their hands on the NOFX discography – it’s required listening for anyone who loves rock music with a killer edge.

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