If you dig Industrial Rock, there's no way around Nine Inch Nails. You can't neglect the band with their only permanent member Trent Reznor who launched this outfit in 1988, constantly pushing it forward creatively with every release. From the furious early days with "Pretty Hate Machine", chunky "The Downward Spiral", complex "The Fragile" to "Hesitation Marks" which shows a new facet of Nine Inch Nails once again - they're all great. Stages and phases, many meandering paths, drug quagmires, and many musical innovations - Nine Inch Nails have always been a very special experience, each time they have come up with something new. Since the early years, the band has focused on the combination of music and visual realisation. Nine Inch Nails don't just let the music do the talking - that would be too easy. Be it with bizarre or sometimes even indexed videos, or with an extensive light show completed by video projections during their live shows - Nine Inch Nails almost enjoy a kind of jester's license and make good use if it. Good for us - because that's what the band is all about. Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor are very important to us, too. The milestones and the merchandise of the band are always available in our EMP online shop.

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