Technically sophisticated and damn brutal: The boys from Nile have been roaming the stages of this world since 1993. Their Technical Death Metal, mainly dealing with everything around Egypt, is right on target. The amateur Egyptologists from Greensville know the recipe for sophisticated music for sure: tricky riffs, fast runs, mighty drums, and intricate song structures - hearing the result is great, pure joy. Listening to albums such as "Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka" or "Black Seeds of Vengeance", you could think the writing process for a Nile album took as long as building a pyramid.

All songs feature so many details that you have to listen to them countless times before capturing them all - that's brilliant work. But if you think that Nile are only capable of delivering such a feat on a recorded output, you're completely wrong: the boys are totally convincing live on stage, too. If you're up for a challenging time travel back to the history of Egypt, you should definitely check out our EMP Nile Online Shop. We have various Nile albums ready for you.

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