If you’re a fan of epic symphonic metal, you’ll love Nightwish and EMP’ s awesome range of Nightwish merchandise. Along with Nightwish albums on CD and vinyl, we’re rocking DVDs and Blu-rays of live performances and documentaries to help you immerse yourself in the music of these fantastic Finns. There’s Nightwish t-shirts featuring iconic album art, plus a selection of exclusive Nightwish items such this hoodie celebrating the 10th anniversary of the album Once and this cool faded grey Nightwish logo t-shirt. We’ve even got a Nightwish cap!

There’s no band in the symphonic metal genre who does things quite like Nightwish. The Finnish band has made its name through their complex and epic style, beginning with debut album Angels Fall First in 1997 which featured the soprano voice of Tarja Turunen. In just a year, more than 7 million copies were sold.

Until 2005, singer Turunen and musician Tuomas Holopainen were an unstoppable team, with albums such as Wishmaster (CD | vinyl) and Century Child bringing the band mainstream success. The 2004 single Nemo sold like crazy and even earned Nightwish a performance on Top of the Pops!

Sadly, rifts within the band meant caused Turunen to leave, and Nightwish were left looking for a new singer until they finally found Swedish Anette Olzon in 2007. The resulting albums, Dark Passion Play (CD | vinyl) and Imaginaerum were successful, but in 2012 Nightwish were on the hunt for a new singer again. Thankfully the band found an amazing voice in Floor Jansen and the album Endless Forms Most Beautiful (CD | vinyl) proves Jansen more than a match for her predecessors, exceeding all expectations. Jansen has become Nightwish’s secret weapon to ensure the incredible success of the band continues well into the future.

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