Jason Newsted is mainly known due to his stint as bass player for Metallica. After the tragic death of Cliff Burton he had to tread in Cliff's footsteps - not an easy task. He left the legendary Thrash band at the end of 2001. But Newsted is a jack of all trades: he was also a member of Flotsam And Jetsam, in the band of Ozzy Osbourne, or Voivod. Newsted is a multifaceted man, and an avid composer and singer in addition to his bass skills. So, it's not surprising Newsted launched his own band in December 2012 - simply named Newsted. The band's first EP titled "Metal" was an impressive proof of Jason's musical prowess. An excellent work - the critics went crazy and considered his new band to be a proof of his significant influence on the success of his former band. The journey continues with the album "Heavy Metal Music", and Newsted lives his vision of Metal on another level.

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