My Dying Bride

This is Doom/Gothic Metal aiming right at your stomach: My Dying Bride. Since 1990 the combo has roamed the dark stages of this world. Together with bands such as Anathema and Paradise Lost, they belong to the founders of Gothic Metal. Ever since, they have held up the black flag of Doom everywhere on this planet. Putting on a My Dying Bride record for the first time, you enter a completely new sound universe. A sound universe in which the songs are lead by harmonious and sad lead vocals. There are also piano sounds from a distance, and choir vocals perfectly blending with Stainthorpe's voice. This structure is supported by a saturnine foundation which rams itself into your bone marrow.

Albums like "As the Flower Withers", "Turn Loose the Swans" or "Like Gods of the Sun" are impressive examples - all albums created by My Dying Bride tell their own story with a gloomy frame of various compositions. If you dig My Dying Bride as much as we do, you should check out our My Dying Bride EMP Online Shop. We have the My Dying Bride albums ready for you.

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