Join the Black Parade by grabbing some of our range of My Chemical Romance merchandise! With the band (depending on who you believe) either being split up or on an extended hiatus since 2013 (that’s a long break!), bagging yourself some My Chemical Romance merch is one way to keep the faith and show your love for these renowned punk rockers.

We’ve got My Chemical Romance t-shirts and hoodies and if you’ve lost track of some of your favourite albums, we have got some of the best MCR albums on CD and vinyl. You can even create your own MCR merch by stitching the MCR Americana patch onto something from your wardrobe, and grab a Gerard Way Funko Pop! figure to decorate your home or office with!

Given the popularity and fame that My Chemical Romance achieved during their time together, rumours of the band reforming to make a comeback have never gone away. In fact, band founder Gerard Way has refused to deny talk of a reunion sometime in the future, with guitarist Frank Iero being just as secretive.

Imagine if Gerard and co. made a huge comeback and treated fans around the world to another few albums like The Black Parade (CD | vinyl) and Life On The Murder Scene that keep in line with their theatrical and heartfelt brand of rock? Fans would love nothing more to see the band return to the stage to perform “Teenagers”, “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”, “Welcome to the Black Parade” and more.

Here at EMP we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it really does happen, as there aren’t too many greats like these guys left in the music world. Good job we’ve got plenty of My Chemical Romance merchandise to tide us over while we wait!

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