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Misfits have managed two remarkable feats: first, the band gave birth to the horror punk genre; second, they still enjoy cult status in spite of an ever-changing line-up. Originally founded by Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only in 1977, Misfits had their first successes with EPs such as Beware, 3 Hits From Hell, and Evilive, with later albums Walk Among Us and Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood caused a further surge in popularity. This fame and success ultimately led to Glenn Danzig's departure in 1983, after which the band lost its hold on the horror punk scene and Misfits were suddenly out in the cold - but the fans never stood down, and the Fiend Club kept the Misfits legacy alive. Unwittingly, lesser bands hijacked their sound and plundered the back catalog but, crucially, it kept the Misfits’ music in the charts. It took a solid twelve years for the Only and his brother, band guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein to revive the band, but lead vocalists came and went, but the band still couldn't come up with a constant line-up.

Despite the ever-changing list of names, Misfits’ success continued. Stirring up more hype with American Psycho and Famous Monsters, the punk horror legends were back. In 2000 the band took a brief break before Jerry Only, tired of the band’s revolving door of singers, took up the frontman role and once again began making history behind the mic. By ensuring the band has a constant face at its forefront (line-up changes continue elsewhere), he proved that there’s still life in the ever popular Misfits.

Though its line-up remains flexible, the quality and reputation of Misfits’ output hasn’t suffered. The fathers of horror punk continue to inject a dangerous, aggressive and confrontational message into the watered-down world of teen music, sugar-sweet pop and brainless chart toppers. Set yourself apart from that pack by grabbing some Misfits merchandise today!

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