Mighty industrial riffs, a thunderstorm of double bass drums, and the angry voice of Al Jourgensen: that's Ministry. The boys kick your ass with every new album. The Ministry trademarks: Industrial Metal bristling with powerful riffs, hard drumming, and socio-critical lyrics. The list of former members is really, really, really long - but nevertheless, Ministry have managed to raise the bar a bit higher with each new album - just think of "Twitch", "Filth Pig", or "Rio Grande Blood" - real evergreens and a must-have for the serious collector of rougher sound.

You will always particularly remember the lyrics by Jourgensen dealing with shitty politicians, mean media, capitalists, or about the simple life - the topics may vary, but they'll always have one thing in common: rage. Take these lyrics, the riffs, the synthie sounds, and the gloomy atmosphere, and you have the essence of Ministry, hailing from Chicago. If you want to hear more from Ministry, check out our EMP Ministry Online Shop: we have their CDs - you just have to pick one or some of 'em!

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