Never too young to rock! That's the motto of Metal-Kids. Consequently, they have come up with some proper outfits for that in their shop.

It all started with two male Metal enthusiasts on a desperate mission to equip their new-born offspring with the appropriate clothes and stuff. After this mission had failed, there was obviously the need for a new one, of course - with the motto: "From Metal fans for Metal fans!" Since that time, the label provides the rocking and rolling offspring with extremely cool shirts, bodies, jackets, and more. Wearing those, your Metal kiddies will be the stars of every toddlers group or kindergarten. Plus, it adds to early musical education...

In the EMP Online Shop, you'll find shirts, bodies, and accessories, such as pacifiers or bibs featuring the Rockhand, and various other designs, like a guitar, Thor's Hammer, or a Hardcore teddy bear. Proud to be a Metal kid!

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