Every EMP shopper has the right to go insane … insane in EMP’s mighty Megadeth merchandise aisles! We’ve got all the Megadeth t-shirts, CDs and vinyl a die-hard fan could want - including their most recent album, Dystopia. Take no prisoners, Megadeth fans. It’s reckoning day for our shopping basket. Unleash a symphony of destruction, teach it that there are 99 ways to die and, when it’s finally sweating bullets, a tornado of souls will depart from Hangar 18 to dispatch your parcel of Megadeth merch.

Titans of the American thrash metal scene, Megadeth sit proudly among the genre’s famous ‘big four’. The thrash pioneers, along with legends such as Anthrax, Metallica and Slayer, shaped the metal landscape and inspired musicians from every walk of life. Lead singer Dave Mustaine created Megadeth from the ashes of his Metallica career. Sacked due to his addiction problems, he wasn’t going to stay away from the music scene for long. As the only permanent original band member to remain constant in almost 30 years of the band’s history, we can attribute a lot of Megadeth’s massive success to Mustaine. Nurturing the band in the early days, he’s steered Megadeth to creating fifteen studio albums, selling over 50 million records worldwide, and receiving twelve Grammy nominations.

In the ‘80s, Megadeth released seminal albums like So Far, So Good... So What! and Rust In Peace (CD | vinyl) - classics that should appear on any metalhead’s playlists. The albums demonstrated Mustaine's brilliant song writing skills and forged the way for future success. Splitting up in 2002, they came back with The System Has Failed and United Abominations. These albums put them back on the international scene, but it was the 2009’s Endgame that really restored Megadeth to their former glories.

“Symphony Of Destruction” will always be their trademark song, but Megadeth are more than a one-hit wonder - and a trawl though their back catalogue shows that. All the major milestones in  Dave Mustaine's career are there; angry, thrash-filled tracks created with a mastery and precision that few bands in any genre could match. Listening to their albums puts you on a blisteringly brutal trip down Megadeth memory lane – so relive the good times with these classics, then throw yourself into the latest release, Dystopia (CD | vinyl | limited edition picturedisc vinyl).

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