He’s the shock rocker, The Pale Emperor, and now Marilyn Manson merchandise and albums are shouting out your name here at EMP. We’ve got Marilyn Manson t-shirts, accessories including these EMP-exclusive Marilyn Manson bracelets and sew-on patches, and of course the entire back catalogue of Marilyn Manson albums on CD, from Portrait of an American Family all the way to The Pale Emperor.

American Brian Warner adopted the name Marilyn Manson both for himself and his band, becoming infamous in the 1990s for a brand of industrial rock and alternative metal that shocked and provoked. Manson the man pushed buttons and was wilfully offensive, scaring the religious right and even cited as a scapegoat for teen violence.

With the help of Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, who signed the band to his Nothing Records label in 1993, Portrait of an American Family and the sinister Antichrist Superstar rocketed Manson straight to the top. But it was with the ground-breaking Mechanical Animals in 1998 that Manson began to assert himself as a creative force, experimenting with a more glam rock style and look. His coma-white makeup and androgynous image for the stylish album video thrust Marilyn Manson to international spotlight, with the single “Rock is Dead” was boosted by inclusion on the soundtrack of The Matrix.

Multi-talented Manson has explored painting and directing, appeared in David Lynch’s film Lost Highway, played film cameos and featured in American TV shows Californication and Sons of Anarchy. He shares matching tattoos with friend Johnny Depp, and now his iconic personal style has led him to work with Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs and Galliano.

Manson continues to hone his dark alt-rock magic. The Pale Emperor was hailed by Rolling Stone as the best metal album of 2015, and the band and man’s enduring appeal looks set to continue with the release of 2017’s Heaven Upside Down.

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