Want some proper English rock? Pick up something from our range of Magnum albums on CD or score Magnum: Livin’ the Dream on DVD to relive almost thirty years of hard rock hits.

When rock was still real and concerts were wild and dirty, Magnum burst into life. The band began in Birmingham, where wild hard rock emerged from the souls of songwriters Tony Clarkin and Bob Catley. Magnum’s debut album Kingdom of Madness (1978) led to an appearance at Reading Festival, followed by Chase the Dragon (1982) and gigs in the United States supporting Jet Records label-mate Ozzy Osbourne.

The band launched across Europe with the success of On a Storyteller’s Night, hitting their stride as they opened the famous Monsters of Rock festival at Castle Donington in the company of Metallica, Marillion and headliners ZZ Top. For ten heady years Magnum headlined at the NEC and in London, with full UK and European tours, rocking out with milestone album Wings of Heaven. The band relived these legendary live performances by recording the album live in 2008 – check out Wings of Heaven Live on CD to transport yourself back!

Reuniting in 2002 following a split in 1995, Magnum still lead the way in melodic hard rock. Clarkin and Catley may be pensioners but recent releases such as Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies and Escape from the Shadow Garden showcase the same driving rhythms, impassioned vocals and soaring melodies that ignited their fame and show that the old boys haven’t lost their touch.

Wild, energetic and damn talented. British hard rock at its best!

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