Machine Head

Ladies and gentlemen - please meet Machine Head from Oakland, California. 1991 Front man Robb Flynn launched the band in 1991, and the first album "Burn My Eyes" was released in 1994 - a smasher. Machine Head set our ears on fire with that killer thing! The band's trademark are grooving parts wrapped up in Thrash Metal, and they have honed this style over the years with albums like "The More Things Change...". With "The Burning Red", Machine Head showed their calmer side, and they even dared to deliver a cover version of the song "Message In A Bottle" by The Police. The fans stayed true, and Machine Head got hungry for faster songs again - as proven by their next output "Supercharger". The 2003 album "Through The Ashes Of Empires" was the beginning of a new era for Machine Head. Instead of short and hefty tracks, the band came up with long, complex, yet rough songs. The new concept worked out, and with the über-song "Clenching The Fists Of Dissent" from the album "The Blackening", Machine Head even passed the magic 10-minutes benchmark. Sold-out venues, frantic fans, an a never-ending success - Machine Head were a band on the top. After the tour, the band took a break, but catapulted itself back on the scene with the release of "Unto The Locust".

With "Unto The Locust", the boys have continued the trend of long songs, topping them off with a lot of groove. Each song grooves, bangs, and will stay in your ears forever - that's Machine Head in perfection. The Americans just always manage to conjure up new and better sound universes never heard before. But after the success, almost every band also has its darker times, too... At the beginning of 2913, the band split up with original member and bassist Adam Duce. But shortly after, the boys welcomed Jared MacEachern who was already enjoying huge success with his Thrash band Sanctity. 2014, this new-line up recorded the eighth studio album "Bloodstone & Diamonds" - a new and even stronger Machine Head smasher. The boys are back! If you dig groovy Thrash Metal, you should definitely check out our EMP Machine Head Online Shop. We have Machine Head shirts and CDs ready for you. Machine Fucking Head!

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