May we take Lordi seriously? A band performing at the Eurovision Song Contest and even winning with their song "Hard Rock Hallelujah"? Yes, you must take Lordi seriously, because first off, they have been successful for many years and secondly, they have shown Europe that Hard Rock can be accessible. The Finns had been on this course even before the Contest with their albums "Get Heavy" and "The Monsterican Dream", perfectly consoling heaviness with melody. For sure, that song from the album "The Arockalypse" opened crucial doors for them, but those masked freaks would have thrown them up anyway sooner or later. Also on stage, they offer everything you can think of in order to deliver an impressive show. Costumes and pyrotechnics are the main ingredients, props from the horror genre, axes and masks are welcome additions and seamlessly implemented by Lordi. With later works such as "Babez For Breakfast" and "To Beast Or Not To Beast", Lordi proved that they stay true to themselves despite their success, holding the flag of good Hard Rock. Lordi played an important role in our EMP Shop even before the Contest, and this hasn't changed since their success. Here, you can grab the Finns' merchandise and albums.

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