Long Distance Calling CDs

Apart from accommodating university students, Münster is also the home town of Long Distance Calling, a Post Rock band since their inception in 2006. However, this genre term seems a bit too rigid considering the group's catalogue. You can also find avant-garde tendencies and Jazz elements, especially in the opening moments of "The Flood Inside". These guys don't seem to know any boundaries, which also shows on Long Distance Calling's tours. They seem to be more comfortable the more diverse the accompanying bands are. In this way, they handle themselves well alongside both Anathema and former The Haunted singer Peter Dolving, with whom they have collaborated, Through constant development, they progressed from "Satellite Bay" across "Avoid The Light" and "Long Distance Calling" to the aforementioned "The Flood Inside", which for the first time in the group's history featured a lead singer. Since then, Long Distance Calling have repeatedly fallen back to guest vocalists in order to enhance some songs with lyrics. "The Flood Inside" was anyway literally screaming for somebody behind the microphone to add an additional layer to some of the tracks. And layers have always been Long Distance Calling's thing. Ever unique and idiosyncratic in equal parts, Long Distance Calling did their thing and helped re-establishing progressive music in Germany. Still, they also gained respect on an international scale.

In our EMP Shop, you can find the band's albums, of course, in order to convince yourself of the progressive magic this group can evoke.

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