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„One Step Closer“, „Crawling“ or „Papercut“ – In 2000, Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, David Farrel, Joe Hahn and Rob Bourdon from Linkin Park jumped on the Nu Metal train still right on time. And what shall we say? Linkin Park managed to give the whole genre another overhaul. Their debut „Hybrid Theory“ may not have revolutionised the scene but was incredibly good. DJ Hahn's nifty samples in particular were immediately catchy and made each song unique. Also, the performances of singers Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda were simply great and still are – fantastic lyrics, sung by two damn good voices. Linkin Park have rightfully reached the top of the field. For the song „Crawling“, they even received a Grammy in the category Best Hard Rock, and beyond that, the first album peaked at #5 on the Billboard Charts – a great achievement for a Nu Metal record!

Three years later, the album „Meteora“ followed and became the most successful release in the history of the Alternative Charts. Songs like „Numb“ or „Somewhere I Belong“ are seen as classics today and a must-hear at every party. With their succeeding albums „Minutes To Midnight“ and „A Thousand Suns“, Linkin Park might have distanced themselves a bit from Nu Metal, but this suited them just as well. Their songs became more complex, the structures more epic, and the arenas they played in bigger. They headlined huge festivals all over the world and even recorded some of these gigs. For example, the video "Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes" shows 65.000 fans celebrating Linkin Park. With "Living Things",, which turned out to be more electronic than anything the band had done so far, they did not lose their momentum either. Linkin Park have stepped out of the shadow of Nu Metal and are now effectively playing in their own league.

This hasn't prevented them from returning to their roots with „The Hunting Party“, though. The songs are heavier again and reminiscent of Nu Metal's heydays. We love this album, and if you want to join the guys on tour for a while, you should definitely check out LPTV. On Link Park's YouTube channel, they let you participate in everything they experience – very cool idea!

Such an inventive band must be concerned with original merchandise, too. For this reason, we can offer you jackets in our Official EMP Linkin Park Shop, but also shirts, hoodies and CDs, not to forget bracelets, DVDs, flags and bags by Linkin Park. See you in front of the stage!

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