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EMP's range of Led Zeppelin merchandise befits the legendary status of Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham. Check out our huge range of Led Zeppelin t-shirts (including this EMP-exclusive Led Zep NYC 1971 tee, unavailable anywhere else in Europe) and hoodies or learn how rock music should be done with the band's legendary back catalogue on both CD and vinyl, from Led Zeppelin as both a single CD and a 2-CD & 3-LP boxset all the way to the Mothership 4-LP boxset. There's boxsets galore, in fact, containing fantastic treats for Led Zep superfans such as hardcover photo books containing rare and unseen images of the band, free digital music and video downloads, high quality album cover prints and more; head to the Led Zeppelin media section to feast your eyes on the full set.

So solid is Led Zeppelin's status in music that their 1995 inauguration into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is but a drop in an ocean of accolades and achievements - with more than 300 million records sold, every studio album effort hitting the top ten and six reaching number one, it was more of a formality.

Founded by Yardbirds guitarist Jimmy Page in the Swingin' London of 1968, Led Zeppelin - also including singer Robert Plant, bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham - had recorded and released the seminal albums Led Zeppelin to Led Zeppelin IV (vinyl | 2-LP vinyl boxset | 2-CD, 2-LP boxset) within three years.

Page and Plant were jointly responsible for writing, with Plant providing lyrics for Page's music. When the band were legally prevented from using the name the New Yardbirds, Page decided to go for the name Led Zeppelin. This came from the expression 'lead balloon', which is what some feared the band would go down like! Music writer Keith Shadwick attested that Page felt the new name had: the perfect combination of heavy and light, combustibility and grace.

It is a description which could just as easily apply to the band's music. Influenced by the varied sounds of blues, folk, psychedelia, and more, Led Zeppelin are known for their unique brand of magic. Their guitar-driven sound was key in the evolution of hard rock and heavy metal. Passionate about how their music was received, the band disliked the release of individual singles or appearances on television - albums, concerts and tours were how Led Zeppelin wanted fans to come into contact with their work. In the seventies, costume and staging in the band's live appearances became more extravagant, with Jimmy Page in a sparkling, cosmic getup; the band also became known for extreme debauchery on tour, helping to cement the world's idea of the rock lifestyle.

The death of drummer John Bonham in 1980 from asphyxiation whilst drunk was a turning point for Led Zeppelin, which disbanded. The remaining members have continued to perform both alone and together, occasionally including Bonham's son Jason on drums, and the band continues to make itself newly felt through reissues, releases of unheard material, performances, visual projects, and more.

Music writer Mikal Gilmore wonderfully said "Led Zeppelin: talented, complex, grasping, beautiful and dangerous; made one of the most enduring bodies of composition and performance in twentieth-century music, despite everything they had to overpower, including themselves."

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