Kneel at EMP’s altar of thrash to get your broken hands on some unholy Lamb of God merchandise. Our sacred temple is laden with Lamb of God t-shirts, CDs and vinyl. The unrivalled messiahs of merchandise, EMP’s blessing you with Lamb of God merch to worship these thrash metal legends. Pray for salvation, shop for redemption and offer up some serious mouse-clicking sacrifices to our hallowed shopping basket of righteousness. And remember, remorse is for the dead …

Lamb of God are known for laying down a heavily groove-laden interpretation of thrash metal. Emerging under the name Burn The Priest in 1994, their first two albums with the new moniker, New American Gospel and As The Palaces Burn (CD | DVD), immediately brought out the big guns. Every Lamb of God member packs a punch in terms of musical talent and their skills are effortlessly on display on albums such as Ashes of the Wake, Sacrament and Wrath. Chris Adler's merciless drumming pushes the songs forward while frontman Randy Blythe brings everything together with his voice. After Resolution, things got rough for Lamb of God. Their lead singer was imprisoned in the Czech Republic, causing a widespread protest within the metal scene. Randy was charged with committing intentional bodily harm after a fan died during an admittedly violent concert. Court hearings ultimately found he wasn’t criminally liable, but the legal fees and lengthy hiatus took its toll on the band. Fortunately, with their frontman acquitted, Lamb of God could soldier on with their music.

Ambivalent lyrics with references to the bible on top of a combination of thrash, speed metal with added grindcore and hardcore punk all come together to create a sound only Lamb of God can play. Kneel at EMP’s blood-soaked altar and worship our Lamb of God merch until your tattered eardrums are begging for mercy. Pay the ultimate sacrifice by ordering some Lamb of God merchandise and wait for a delivery from evil. Or the postman…whichever arrives first.

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