Kvelertak Merchandise & CDs

Kvelertak belong to Metal's more recent shooting stars. The Norwegians were founded only in 2007 but literally ploughed through to the top of the field - both musically, as heard on their self-titled debut, as well as visually, for the six-piece is a true feast for the eyes. Kvelertak have Turbonegro's balls, are snotty like the Sex Pistols and convey the Metal attitude of the genre's best-known protagonists. They roll over their audiences as if they had never done anything else in their life, graced with a stage presence rarely seen. Their energy thunders from the speakers and is directly transferred onto the listener. Critics might have insinuated Kvelertak would fail to keep their initial momentum, quickly dismissing them as a „one-record-wonder“. Way off the mark, for Kvelertak have just started and are eager to push the pedal to the metal. Their second album „Meir“ speaks volumes and stays true to the group's name. It means „stranglehold“, and with this record, they put one on you. If all strangleholds were so wonderful and agreeable, we would crave for more just like we crave for more of Kvelertak's music. We have some Kvelertak merchandise in our EMP Shop, as you will see when you check it out.

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