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When most people think of thrash metal, Kreator spring to mind immediately. Starting out as a speed metal act, the group from Essen, Germany, made the technical switch up to thrash, and the rest is history. The mastermind lyrics from Mille Petrozza quickly grabbed the limelight, and albums like Pleasure To Kill (CD | vinyl), Terrible Certainty (CD | vinyl) and Extreme Aggression (CD | vinyl) put Kreator on the firmly on the metal map.

Every musical genre has its heyday and, in the late ‘80s, thrash metal’s glory days were on the wane. The release of Coma Of Souls in 1990 was supposed to pave the way for the band’s future, but was a modest rather than storming success – so Kreator reshaped their sound; a period of reinvention saw industrial elements, distorted vocals and heavy death metal riffs populate the next album, Renewal. Adding gothic touches for Endorama, the band showed they weren’t afraid to experiment and grow.

Loyal fans stayed with Kreator, thanks in part to the band’s bombastic romp through their back catalogue at their live shows. Keen to keep their loyal subjects happy, Kreator looked back to their roots when penning tracks for Violent Revolution (CD | 2LP & CD Red edition). The familiar old school thrash sounds returned, signalling that Kreator’s real genius lies in their thrash metal riffs and precision drumming.

Critically acclaimed, it set the tone for Kreator’s future releases. Albums such as Enemy of God (CD | 2-LP & CD) and Hordes of Chaos (CD | 2-LP & CD) followed, along with several tours. With a five-year break between albums, Kreator fans have had to wait since 2012 for the release of Gods of Violence (CD| CD & DVD digibook | CD & Blu-ray digibook | vinyl | EMP-exclusive box set). With such a weighty career behind them, it would have been easy for Kreator to call it a day or release a sub-par album. But Gods of Violence shows they’ve still got what it takes to create tracks that stand up to critical attention. Edgy vocals, killer guitar riffs and epic thrash attacks combine to make another massive Kreator album that should be in every fan’s collection.

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